Hello there!

Welcome to my website. I’m really glad that you decided to take a look around.

My name is Eli Wendlick, I would like to think that I am pretty good at English…excuse me, pretty well at English. That is why I have this little website.
On this site, I try my hand at putting my foot in my mouth writing so poorly that most English speakers would be offended by the low quality of it all. I won’t let that stop me, though.
Among the interests that I write about on this site are;

  • North Korea – The world’s most hilariously terrifying country
  • Horrible fiction – Truly horrible (usually intentionally). please don’t read it sober
  • Programming – It’s the language of robots
  • Rapberry Pi – It’s a small computer
  • Vidya Games – Mainly my love for Dwarf Fortress