Shell (Bash) Aliases Are Awesome

Linux shells allow you to create aliases for commands – a word you type to run another command or set of commands. You may have already encountered aliases, since most flavors come with a few variations of “ls” already created, so if you have ever typed “ll” and gotten the same output as “ls -alF”, […]

Pull Requests and Code Reviews Are an Engineering Team’s Magic Bullet

Here’s some background about me; I worked at companies that didn’t do pull requests. We wrote our garbage code quickly, released quickly, and spent a good portion of our time firefighting when we should have been learning and improving as employees. We were stressed, overworked, and constantly in situations where we were afraid to innovate […]

Unblur and Reveal Hubspot Content

If you want to unblur and reveal content in Hubspot’s without entering your e-mail address, open up your browser’s Developer’s Tools (Press F12), and run the following code in the console. document.querySelectorAll(‘.private-layer’).forEach(x => = ‘none’) document.querySelectorAll(‘body.uiFullScreenBackground>.app, body.uiFullScreenBackground>.page’).forEach(x=> = ‘none’) VoilĂ , you can see “protected” content.

My CSS specificity analogy (Buckets)

I used to teach English at Berlitz. They never wanted you to directly tell the students any information, but instead wanted you to gradually draw the answers out from the student. In most circles, it’s called the Socratic Method, but Berlitz claims that their identical version is different and therefore coined the term The Berlitz […]