I Kid You Not

The sucker punch caught you right in the ear and jolted your head to the side. You turn your head back to face the jackass and see their grin immediately give way. They had probably dropped people in the past using a clumsy punch like that. Well, it didn’t catch your temple, or twist your head to the point of blacking out, so this won’t be a problem.
If regret had an expression, this fool was showing it now. The body language was also a good indicator, seeing him step backwards, his eyes shooting left and right, and his jaw going slightly slack. The song is the only thing playing in your mind. You’ve heard this song many times before. You see his hands come up – but not to fight, he has his palms out. He throws a punch and wants to stop the fight. That ship has already sailed.
He had his chance to leave without a fight.
One well-placed punch connects with the middle of his face, sending him crashing into a tray, sending pints of milk throughout the room. A woman is screaming, but you cannot hear her above the song. The attacker is laying in a crumpled heap on the floor as his friends run and hide under desks and stuffed animals.
Just once you would like to attend Parent-Teacher conferences without the senseless violence.

2 thoughts on “I Kid You Not

  1. If I had a broken bone for every parent-teacher conference I’ve had to attend, I would have had less broken bones than from attending parent-teacher conferences.

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